Choir Rehearsals and Voice for Life Resume: Thursday 6th September

Junior and Adult Choir rehearsals, plus Junior Voice for Life resume on Thursday 6th September. Lots of super music is sung, ranging from the Renaissance to present day, and it is great fun. If you would like to join, or come try choir out, either email Rupert Forbes, the Director of Music on, or just come to the Choir Vestry for a rehearsal.

Rehearsal times:
Junior Choir (Age 8-16, or P3/4-S4: Thursday 7pm – 8pm

Optional for Junior Choir members: Junior Voice for Life: Thursday 6.15pm – 7pm

Adult Choir (Age 16+): Thursday 7.45pm-9.30pm

(The rehearsal before the 10.45am Sunday service is on a Sunday at 10am)

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