Voice for Life Congratulations!

Congratulations to three Choristers, who recently received the next level on their RSCM Voice for Life journey. Awarded were: One Medal and White Ribbon, one Light Blue Ribbon and one Red Ribbon.

The three Choristers are pictured with The Rt. Revd. David Chillingworth, who presented them during the morning service, and Rupert Forbes, the Director of Music.

1 thought on “Voice for Life Congratulations!

  1. Fantastic achievement by our juniors! And what hard work by our music professionals. I’ve been thinking that it would be good to see on our website or in this blog a reminder of what it means to St Peter’s to be affiliated to the RSCM. I’ve just been lent its magazine, Church Music Quarterly, and have been myself reminded that all members of an ‘RSCM’ congregation are affiliated, not just the musicians. One of the benefits listed is access to digital versions of the RSCM magazines (as well as CMQ there’s one called Sunday by Sunday). There are some great articles in the issue I’m reading. Would this be available to members of St Peter’s?

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