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Fair Trade at St Peters

St Peter’s has a long history of supporting Fair Trade and the monthly stalls, held inthe hall after Sunday service, continue to attract more and more customers. There’s awide range of food stuffs, including coffee, chocolate, muesli and chutney. The stallstocks special items at Easter and Christmas, when the there are gifts from Hadeel, the shop based in St George’s West, whose profits benefit Palestinian charities.

In 2011 our main supplier, the One World Shop, congratulated us for selling over£1,000 worth of goods. They have nominated St Peter’s Fair Trade Stall for the Lord Provost’s Award for supporting Fair Trade, which we won in 2009.

The small profits the stall makes are given to St Peter’s chosen charities. Thanks to the generosity of the congregation, we were able to give £90 to Fresh Start in December.

Anyone wishing to help or to place special orders for goods, contact Liz Hare on 0131337 8570/lizhare at

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