Lent Lectures 2018: Holy Wednesday, 28th March, 7.30pm

Dali’s ‘Le Christ’: Given by Natalia S Y Fang Brand

Salvador Dali’s much-loved painting Le Christ (1951) has attracted academic suspicion of its intentions and even physical assaults from members of the public. Dali’s conversion to Catholicism in 1941 fitted with his break from conventional Surrealism and his siding with Franco in Spain’s Civil War. Yet Le Christ gives rise to doubts as to its straghtforward religiosity.

This talk will focus on Dali’s painting as well as images of crucifixion in Western art history – which will be used to compare and explore symbolism, implications and connotations in the art of Jesus crucified. Finally, we may realise the true nature of Dali’s painting. Is Le Christ religious or sacrilegious?

Natalia S Y Fang Brand, MSc, PhD, is an art historian, literary and art critic, biographer, translator, essayist and poet. She has written numerous articles for newspapers, journals, and magazines as well as catalogues for many artists across the UK, the USA, Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. She also has published thirteen books on art and four collections of poems.

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