Phase 2 Autumn 2018 – Autumn 2019: The Link

Servicing both the church and hall, the Link has been the biggest and most expensive aspect of renewing our community halls.

The generosity of St Peter’s congregation and several charitable trusts have given the building a new lease of life.  Particular thanks are due to:

Viridor Landfill Tax Credits, who funded the new flat roof

The Robertson Trust

Allchurches Trust

The Baird Trust, who part funded a wheelchair accessible lift

Swinton Paterson Trust

We are also very grateful for the expertise of:

Benjamin Tindall Architects

Cornhill Building Services

Morham & Brotchie Quantity Surveyors

Irons Foulner Consulting Engineers

McGregor McMahon Consulting Engineers

Here are some of the team admiring the new roof funded by Viridor Credits.

Joining the church to the halls and providing kitchen and toilets for both buildings is the Link. Refurbishing this is the biggest (and most expensive) part of our project.

Problems with the Link

The flat roof has been repaired numerous times but is now well past its expected lifespan.  Water cascades down the walls in places when there’s heavy rain

The opening through the church narthex is only 61 cms wide.

Access between the two buildings is up and down a narrow turnpike staircase

It is difficult for people with limited mobility to get up the stairs to the church and choir vestry, impossible for people in wheelchairs

The four toilets are cold and shabby

There’s no insulation and it’s very difficult to heat in winter

Things the Link has going for it

Bright light upstairs room suitable for 30 people to meet

Large kitchen

Toilets and drainage

Direct access from a small car park

Direct connection between the hall and church buildings

Solving the problems with the Link

Replacing the holey flat roof with a new one

Adding six clean new toilets (one accessible) all on one level

Increasing the size of the opening between the two buildings and doing away with the up/down steps

Adding a wide staircase

Adding a wheelchair lift

Opening up sightlines so people can easily see where they’re headed

To acheive this the choir vestry will move from its present position to over the kitchen – and at last the choir can rehearse in a warm dry room that we’ll be able to open up to other groups

Results we’re hoping for

Both the halls and church are clean, warm, welcoming buildings where people want to gather

A space that’s easy to navigate for people with reduce mobility

A light, bright, accessible and dry room where small and medium groups want to meet

Increased numbers of individuals and groups benefitting from activities in our halls

With more toilets we can extend our license to have more events happening at once

Older members of our congregation find it easier to get into church

Concerts and other events happening in the church on the six days a week it’s not used for worship

December 21, 2017