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Voice for Life – adults (aged 16+)

Voice for Life is an educational programme for children and adults, developed by the Royal School of Church Music. As singers reach graded levels of the many facets of singing, including music theory, aural and sight-singing skills, singing technique, as well as liturgical and repertoire knowledge, they are awarded different coloured ribbons in the following order: Voice for Life Medal and White Ribbon, followed by the Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red, and Yellow Ribbons. These can be worn at services.

The above levels are internally assessed, but participants can also take the parallel RSCM awards of Bronze, Silver and Gold, which are assessed through a formal examination.

Voice for Life is often run within a participant’s own church, but recognising that some churches do not give this opportunity, these classes are open to any one who sings regularly in a church choir of any denomination, and wishes to follow the programme. The participant should however usually be RSCM affiliated, be it through their church, or as a student or individual member. Participants work through each level at their own pace.

Adult Voice for Life is not run every week.  Details can be found at :

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