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Adult Choir

The robed choir is a lively group of enthusiastic singers numbering around 25 adults and 10 children.  They sing an anthem at all Sunday morning 10.45 services in the Church and at Evensong, plus at various other services and events throughout the year, their repertoire covering an extensive range of music and styles from Renaissance to modern day.  Meeting socially is also very important to the choir, the annual Christmas Party being of particular note!

Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings from 7.45-9.15, and on Sunday mornings at 10 o’clock, before the 10.45 service.  Once a month (usually the fourth Sunday), we sing Choral Evensong, for which there is a rehearsal at 5.30.  During the year, the choir also sings at other services and events such as those during Holy Week, and have given various concerts (see Past Concerts).

New members to the Choir are always very welcome, and it is open to all aged 8+. If you have any questions, would like more information, please speak either to the Director of Music, Rupert Forbes (664 3030), or the Organist, Sheila Chisholm (229 3177).


Thursday evenings: 7.45-9.15
Sunday mornings: 10:00 (Juniors & Adults)
Choral Evensong: Once a month, usually the Fourth Sunday with a rehearsal at 5.30

Alternate Fridays: Voice for Life for adults aged 16+

If you wish, just turn up to any Thursday session/rehearsal!

What is Voice for Life? It is a programme created by the Royal School of Church Music to develop many aspects of a chorister’s training. It not only further improves vocal technique but also incorporates many other areas such as music theory, aural and sight-singing skills, knowledge about the Christian Faith and sacred repertoire. On reaching graded targets, participants are awarded a medal and different coloured ribbons:

These levels are internally assessed, but participants can also take the parallel RSCM awards of Bronze, Silver, and Gold, which are assessed through a formal examination.

The ribbons and medals, which can be worn at services, are awarded in the following order:

  • Voice for Life Medal and White Ribbon
  • Light Blue Ribbon
  • Dark Blue Ribbon
  • Bronze Medal (Optional – a Green ribbon and Bronze Medal)
  • Red Ribbon
  • Silver Medal (Optional – a Purple ribbon and Silver Medal)
  • Yellow Ribbon
  • Gold Medal (Optional – a Dark Red ribbon and Gold Medal)

Voice for Life is not primarily about gaining levels and awards as fast as possible. It is about steady development and training skills that will be used for life.

Voice for Life is often run within a participant’s own church, but recognizing that some churches do not give this opportunity, these classes are open to anybody who sings regularly in a church choir of any denomination, and wishes to follow the programme. The participant should however usually be RSCM affiliated, be it through their church, or as a student or individual member. Participants work through each level at their own pace.

The Vestry of St Peter’s supports this training, and is providing the use of the Choir Vestry, but to cover other costs, there is a fee of £5 per session attended. (The cost of the medal [c. £6], ribbons [c. 75p per colour], and external examinations are not included.)

One can start the Voice for Life programme at any point of their singing career and at time of the year.

Voice for Life for Adults (aged 16+)

All meetings are held on a Friday in the Choir Vestry of St Peter’s, Lutton Place

White / Light Blue: 2.30 – 3.30pm
Dark Blue / Bronze: 3.15 – 4.15pm
Red / Silver: 4 – 5pm

(Please note that if unexpected circumstances occur,  some meetings may, unfortunately, have to be cancelled at short notice.)

Sessions are led by Sheila Chisholm, the Organist at St Peter’s, and for more information, contact Sheila on 0131 629 9085.

For more information about the Choir, please download the Music in St Peter’s brochure.

More information about Voice for Life can be found at and

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