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Junior Choir & Voice for Life

Music in St Peter’s is very important, and St Peter’s has long had a tradition of excellence in the musical content of its services.

The lively children of the Junior Choir enjoy singing the anthem with the adult choir at most Sunday morning services, as well as at various other services and events throughout the year. Their repertoire covers an extensive range of music and styles from Renaissance to contemporary. Children attend Sunday’s Cool during morning services, and other youth activities within the church enable them to be as sociable as they wish.

Rehearsals are held in the Choir Vestry:

Thursday evenings

Voice for Life (aged 8-16 or Primary 3/4+): 6.15 – 7.15pm

Junior Choir (aged 8-16 or Primary 3/4+): 7 – 8pm

Sunday mornings: 10 o’clock (Juniors & adults)

During the year, the Junior Choir also sing at other services and events such as the Carol Service and during Holy Week, and have participated in various concerts.

If you wish, just turn up to any Thursday session/rehearsal!

For Junior Choristers (Children aged 8 – 16 or Primary 3/4+)

Voice for LifeVoice for Life is an educational programme for children and adults, developed by the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM).

As singers reach graded levels of the many facets of singing including music theory, aural and sight-singing skills, singing technique, as well as learning about the Christian Faith and repertoire sung, they are awarded with different coloured ribbons. These levels are internally assessed, but participants can also take the parallel RSCM awards of Bronze, Silver, and Gold, which are assessed through an external exam.

On reaching these graded targets, singers wear a medal and appropriately coloured ribbon at services. They are awarded these in the following order:

  • Voice for Life Medal and White Ribbon
  • Light Blue Ribbon
  • Dark Blue Ribbon
  • Bronze Medal (Optional – a Green ribbon and Bronze Medal)
  • Red Ribbon
  • Silver Medal (Optional – a Purple ribbon and Silver Medal)
  • Yellow Ribbon
  • Gold Medal (Optional – a Dark Red ribbon and Gold Medal)

Voice for Life is not about gaining levels and awards as fast as possible. It is about steady development and training skills that will be used for life.

In St Peter’s, the Head Chorister wears a maroon ribbon and Head Chorister medal, with the most recently awarded Voice for Life coloured ribbon and medal underneath. The Deputy Head Choristers wear a royal blue ribbon and medal, again, with the most recently awarded Voice for Life coloured ribbon and medal underneath.

How does this work?

Voice for Life for Junior Choristers (P3/4 – S4)
All children aged 8+ who sing in the Junior Choir are able to attend Voice for Life.  Voice for Life sessions are held on a Thursday evening from 6:15 to 7 pm.   These children gain experience of and learn about music theory, vocal technique, musicianship and about the Christian Faith.

Junior Choir meets Thursdays, 7pm – 8pm in the Choir Vestry. Choristers learn the Sunday music.

Junior Choristers attend Sunday’s Cool during services, and those that sing with the adult choir on a Sunday morning receive a small payment.

The Voice for Life programme for Junior Choristers currently has specific input from Rupert Forbes (Director of Music), Sheila Chisholm (Organist), and the clergy. If you have any questions, would like more information, or have a child who would like to come and sing with us, please speak to Rupert (0131 664 3030), or Sheila (0131 629 9085).

For more information about the Choir, please download the Music in St Peter’s brochure.

More information about Voice for Life can be found on the RSCM webpage: and at the RSCM Scotland page:

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