Curry Making with Pall Singh

One of the highlights of the past month in our Young Adult services was a Cooking Workshop from Building Bridges Project Director Pall Singh, who many will remember from when he preached at St Peter’s on the topic of Cultural Diversity. Pall was born into a Sikh family in India, where he spent his early years. He continues to return to India on a regular basis to visit family and to check in with the charities he is involved in.

In our two-hour workshop, we learned how to make a chicken curry and a veg option of an okra-based curry. We heard various stories about Pall’s travels in India, including the time when he was mistakenly jailed after a traffic accident when he was attending a family wedding!

The music playlist included songs selected by our Young Adults. One of the tips we learned for making great curries – don’t add your spices in all at once! Curries are much more flavourful if you take the time to add each ingredient separately.

Many thanks to Pall for this great workshop, and to our young adults who attended. We look forward to cooking with you all in person at some point in the future!

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