Mercy Ships, 2022 Christmas Charity

A big ‘Thank you’ to all who have so generously given to our Christmas Charity! The congregation and visitors donated £788. Over Christmas Mercy Ships then had a match funding arrangement, so St Peter’s donation effectively became £1,577.

The Burns Supper on Saturday 28th January then raised a further £1000! A very big ‘Thank You’ to all who have contributed!

One of our members, Phil Booth, is spending a year working as an Engineer for ‘Mercy Ships’, our Christmas Charity. It is a Christian charity that operates hospital ships, bringing life-changing surgical and medical care to communities which would otherwise be without them, and where healthcare is very limited or sometimes non-existent.

The largest charity-run hospital ship in the world, it enables safe, affordable and timely access to health care and surgery to developing countries in Africa. With 44% of the population living within 100 miles of a coast, using a ship is the most efficient way to bring a state-of-the-art hospital to thousands in need. 

Donations can still be give to our Christmas Charity Appeal directly through the Mercy Ships Webpage, where more information about their work can also be found: