Organ Scholarship, 2023-2024 Academic Year

The application period for the Organ Scholar for the academic year 2023–2024 is not closed. The purpose of the Organ Scholarship is to encourage aspiring organists to develop their skills as players and to extend their knowledge of the Anglican Church music repertoire and liturgy. Applicants do not necessarily have to be proficient organists but must at least already have a good standard of piano skills, and be keen to learn the organ. The scholarship will be in the first instance for the duration of one academic year, with the potential option of renewal.

The scholarship will cover the cost of 15 hours of organ tuition with the organist, Sheila Chisholm. The scholar will also have the option of receiving conducting tuition from the Director of Music, and gaining some experience in conducting the choir.

The Organ Scholar receives no remuneration, but instead receives free organ tuition, optional conducting tuition, and a wide breadth of playing experience. When not involved in playing the organ, the scholar will be expected to attend all choir rehearsals and sing in the choir.