Phase 3 2020 TBC: The Hall

We had planned to get our hall upgraded in 2020, but have been rather overtaken by events.  The 170 sqm hall is particularly useful in this age of physical distancing and we are keen to upgrade it soon.

Problems with the hall

The high ceiling and no insulation makes it hard to heat

At the moment for ventilation we mainly use the fire doors and the draughty old windows.

The windows have single pane wobbly glass, which is provides privacy, but also cuts out a lot of natural light and views of the surrounding gardens.

The 1930’s fibreboard wall finish and high ledges get dusty – getting up to clean them is a major operation

Electric lighting is from fluorescent tubes, neither energy efficient nor do they cast attractive or flexible light

Good things about the hall

It is a large size with high ceiling and good accoustics

One of the best dance floors in Edinburgh

Kitchen and toilets directly off

Level access from the car park outside makes it very accessible for the less mobile and for people bringing in food or equipment for an event

What we plan to do

Insulate the walls and roof

Overhaul the windows so they can be opened and closed with ease, retain more heat and provide views beyond the hall itself

Put up new blinds that let light in when it’s wanted and keep light out when not

Refurbish the floor to be easier to clean and more attractive to walk on

What we hope to acheive

People will feel welcome and valued in a bright, warm, clean building

Users will be more comfortable in a warmer (or cooler) building

More individuals and groups will want to use the building to gather in

Opening up ancillary spaces will allow more groups to use the whole building.  It also helps with scheduling as there’s useable, comfortable space for groups or parents and carers to wait in

Another 80 years of serving the local community and bringing people together and out of isolation

December 21, 2017