Readings, Collect & Year’s Mind for each week.

For those who wish to reflect themselves, this page has the Liturgy Books, Readings, Collect & Year’s Mind for each week. If you would like more information, please email the office,

Liturgy Book for Sunday 10.45am Sunday services during Trinity

Sunday 21st August, 2022, Trinity 10

Sunday 14th August, 2022, Trinity 9

Sunday 7th August, 2022, Trinity 8

Sunday 31st July & Thursday 4th August, 2022, Trinity 7

Sunday 24th July, 2022, Trinity 6

Sunday 17th July, 2022, Trinity 5

Sunday 10th July, 2022, Trinity 4

Sunday 3rd & Thursday 7th July, 2022, Trinity 3

Sunday 26th June, 2022, St Peter’s Day

Sunday 19th June, 2022, Trinity 1

Sunday 12th June, 2022, Trinity Sunday

Sunday 5th June, 2022, Pentecost

Sunday 29th May, 2022, Sunday after Ascension (Service is on Zoom)

Thursday 26th May, Ascension Day, Service being held in Crichton Collegiate Church, Pathhead

Sunday 22nd May, Easter 6

Sunday 15th May, 2022, Easter 5

Sunday 8th May, 2022, Easter 4

Sunday 1st May & Thursday 5th May, 2022, Easter 3

Sunday 24th April, 2022, Easter 2

Sunday 17th April, 2022, Easter Day

Sunday 10th April, 2022, Palm Sunday

Sunday 3rd April & Thursday 7th April, 2022, Lent 5

Sunday 27th March, 2022, Mothering Sunday & Christening

Sunday 20th March, 2022, Lent 3

Sunday 13th March, 2022, Lent 2

Sunday 6th March, 2022, Lent 1

Sunday 27th February, 2022, Sunday before Lent

Sunday 20th February, 2022, Epiphany 7

Sunday 13th February, 2022, Epiphany 6

Sunday 6th February, 2022, Epiphany 5

Sunday 30th January & Thursday 3rd February, 2022, Candlemas

Sunday 23rd January, 2022, Epiphany 3

Sunday 16th January, 2022, Epiphany 2

Sunday 9th January, 2022, Baptism of our Lord

Sunday 2nd January, 2022, Feast of the Epiphany, On Zoom

Sunday 26th December, Christmas 1, On Zoom

Saturday 25th December, Christmas Day, 10.45am, In Church

Friday 24th December, Midnight Mass at 11.30pm, In Church

Sunday 19th December, Advent 4

Sunday 12th December, Advent 3

Sunday 5th December, Advent 2

Sunday 28th November & Thursday 2nd December, Advent 1

Sunday 21st November, Christ the King

Sunday 7th November: Pentecost 24

Sunday 31st October & Thursday 4th November: All Saints’ Day

Sunday 24th October: Pentecost 22

Sunday 17th October: Pentecost 21

Sunday 10th October: Harvest

Sunday 3rd October & Thursday 7th October: Pentecost 19

Sunday 26th September: Pentecost 18

Sunday 19th September: Pentecost 17

Sunday 12th September: Pentecost 16

Sunday 5th September & Thursday 9th September: Pentecost 15

Sunday 15th August & Thursday 19th August: Pentecost 12

Sunday 8th August & Thursday 12th August: Pentecost 11

Sunday 1st August: Pentecost 10:

Sunday 25th July: Pentecost 9:

Sunday 18th July & Thursday 22nd July: Pentecost 8

Sunday 11th July & Thursday 15th July: Pentecost 7 & Sea Sunday

Sunday 4th July & Thursday 8th July: Pentecost 6

Sunday 27th June & Thursday 1st July: St Peter’s Day

Sunday 20th June & Thursday 24th June: Pentecost 4 & Refugee Sunday

Sunday 13th June & Thursday 17th June: Pentecost 3

Sunday 6th June & Thursday 10th June: Pentecost 2

Sunday 30th May: Trinity Sunday

Sunday 23rd May: Feast of Pentecost

Sunday 16th May, 2021: Easter 7

Thursday 13th May, 2021: Ascension Day

Sunday 9th May, 2021: Easter 6

Sunday 2nd May, 2021: Easter 5

Sunday 25th April, 2021: Easter 4

Sunday 18th April, 2021: Easter 3

Sunday 11th April, 2021: Easter 2

Sunday 4th April, 2021: Easter Day:

Good Friday: 2nd April, 2021

Maundy Thursday: 1st April, 2021: A joint service with Newington Churches Together:

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