SEA Change Challenge: 18th – 31st October, 2020 (SEA: Sustainable. Ethical. Awareness.)

Did you know that, just because your cleaning product states ‘not tested on animals’, it does not mean that the ingredients inside the cleaning product were not tested on animals. In the UK, many animals, including guinea pigs, rabbits and mice, are used in experiments, which can include having chemicals dripped into their eyes, poured down their throats or rubbed into their skin. Such testing is not only excruciatingly painful, it is also often lethal.

Want to learn more about ethical products and places to shop, particularly when you’re on a budget? Then join St Peter’s SEA Change Challenge online from 18-31 October! Rebecca, Christine and Kristee will be setting daily interactive challenges on a newly created Facebook Group page with the aim of encouraging everyone to shop a little more mindfully, in consideration of our planet and of our fellow humans.

We encourage everyone to get involved! If you are not on Facebook and would like to take part, please email Kristee at:

She will then give you the list of daily challenges via email or in a hard copy. You are most welcome to contribute and she will share your perspectives in the Facebook chat.