#LongDistanceSocial -Community Sponsored Walk in aid of Shakti Women’s Aid:

On Saturday 12th September, 24 people, 3 dogs, 5 bikes and 2 cars participated in our Round Edinburgh City Relay Walk. The total length of the full circular route was 28.5 miles, the sections being made up of various offers to walk different lengths, calculated from their homes as a return journey. Some participants specifically offered to help link up, and one such offer was indeed picked up upon. Altogether the mileage on foot and by cycle taken was roughly 60 miles.

This mileage does not count the additional routes that were covered including cycling to Dalkeith Country Park and Musselburgh and climbing a Munro!

All these miles in aid of Shakti Women’s Aid, which so far has raised £846.50.

THANK YOU and well done to all who participated, enjoyed the sun, and even the slight spitting rain at the end. Some good exercise was had, fun and smiles all round in photographs taken with social distancing, at strange angles or with missing persons behind the camera… we know you are there… Such a relay walk is no mean feat, as it takes commitment, reliability, map reading and instruction following skills, plus physical active participation with a community spirit from each individual.

Shakti Woman’s Aid, a charity offering help for black minority ethnic (BME) women and children and young people who are experiencing, or who have experienced, domestic abuse, are tremendously grateful. https://shaktiedinburgh.co.uk/ 

For those who didn’t manage to participate, it is not too late to sponsor those who did, by making a donation via the COG bank account so we can tally the total donated.

Account name is ‘St Peters Community Outreach Group’ with no apostrophe in St Peters.

Sort Code: 80 22 60

Account Number: 17078567

Please do visit St Peter’s Facebook page, and look out for the hashtag #LongDistanceSocial