An Afghan Community Meal: Saturday 8th October

Thank you to all who volunteered at, or attended, our Afghan Community Meal on 8th October! It was a huge success – so much so that we were scrambling to find extra chairs and tables during the course of the event!

Local Afghan/Pakistani restaurant Shinwari catered the event and the food was delicious. Despite the additional unexpected diners, people pulled up chairs and created space for each other and, ultimately, a good time was had by all!

We don’t yet have a final figure on the money raised, which will be used for St Peter’s work with refugees, but we will know sometime soon. We are very grateful for the support of Edinburgh City Mission and Building Bridges, who helped to make this community meal such a success.

We have some ideas for Community Meals in the new year, including a Ukrainian Community Meal, which is in the early planning stages. Make sure you join us for our next one!